Mittwoch, 2. Juni 2010


Played with the layout a litte, added pictures.
Looks ok, better than before, but I still want to know, how Amora did her place, because it´s awesome!

And no jokes about IT guys please, at least I can tell the difference between NAS and SAN!


  1. How sweet are you! I have no idea, make this stuff up as I go. I started with this same layout you have colored like Aleks I later found out. I didn't like that. I brag him up enough, didn't need to look like I lifted his whole blog too. :))

    Blog looks good...I'm stealing that Don't let go pic, hope you don't mind.

    What part are you looking for help with? I'll dig out anything I can. I found some pretty helpful how to's online for 3 columns and stuff like that, but the day I got that figured out and made...blogger gave us templates darn it. should be alot easier that what I went thru :)

    I'm sorry, I've not had much time to check up on other blogs lately, so I haven't made it over. I just came by to steal your pretty book for my blog. If you want to email me I'd love to help you out if I can :))

  2. lol, for the record...I have NO idea what this means...

    at least I can tell the difference between NAS and SAN

    So you're doing better than I am :))

  3. Hey, um, Kat...what exactly is Renderosity? Are you an artist too? Are those yours?

  4. Renderosity is THE site for 3D Artists. Either to buy ne toys, or to show off your work.

    And yes, those are mine, one of my galleries, aside from Deviantart and Renderotica, similar to renderosity only for the adult stuff ;)