Freitag, 11. Juni 2010

More Layout and random ramblings

Fiddling with the layout again, not happy though, it makes the blog awefully slow.

Weather here is beeeeeeeee-uuuuuuuuuuuuuh-teeeeee-ful! Absolutely. I hate it, when it´s too hot and too bright, but today it´s just perfect.

Got a call yesterday, a big e-trader wanted to do some follow up on my application. Heck, I could have gotten the job, but I´m not available until August. Bugger. But they want to keep me in the files for the next time.

I seriously need surgery, my right foot is killing me. Thanks to my rheumathoid arthritis is got bursitis under the toes of my right foot and the one under the big toe is growing again. Why now, after 6 years?
Hurts like a bitch and the fact that my toe starts to twitch randomly doesn´t help.

Am on facebook. Tried it already a while back, was so boring, that I quit. Now the totally funny Amora asked me to come over and I gave it another try.

Still didn´t finish with writing my project.

My brain is buzzing with ideas. Spend the whole of yesterday listening to Lili Marleen. That song is so extremely sugary it makes my toes curl, but you just can´t forget it. I want to put blame on Alexandr Voinov, since my man swears he is innocent ( I don´t believe him, no worries)

Have had a book in the works for the last two years.. so basically since before RL threw my life upside down.
Angels, Demons and bad guys.
Have to finish it at some point. Needs alot of works, but I just like the main character, oh and his lover... and their girl... and the mains brother...

That brother is one reason my head is so messed up right now, he just wont stay quiet.

Then I had some glimpse of some kind of Cyberpunk/Paranormal setting in my head.

Have a scifi waiting to happen.... already wrote it, but I´m so not happy with the love story. It works, the hero and his girl are cut off, before they can really start, but I need to go on, next book, sell the first one, but how can I sell it, if I don´t know if I can pull off the sequel.
I know what will happen, I just have to make it.


I need... an end to all exams. Heh.

Then I perhaps will find some calm.
Three weeks and one project to go.

*off to actually do some work*

"2 AM and I'm still awake, writing a song
If I get it all down on paper, it's no longer inside of me,
Threatening the life it belongs to"

Breathe - Anna Nalick 


  1. lol, Blameless again huh Aleks?

    I like the new site. Does seem to hang up a little. I went through that, never did figure it out. You're background looks like it might be trying to compete with something... the colors change for a second as the page loads.

    Looks good thou. Layout looks different too... did you try one of those new blogger templates?

    Sorry about your foot, that can't be good at all!!

    Book sounds great though. Need to finish that one, I know someone who'd love to read that. :)

    FB not fun? Stick around, we'll play. fun fun fun!

    have a good one :))

    Good luck on all those deadlines!