Samstag, 22. Mai 2010


Fußball, Soccer, Football... whatever you call. The perfect mix between ballet and war, as my granfather used to call it.
I remember standing next to the sideline with him in some tiny town watching our equally tiny town´s team loose in the rain. But nobody tried to get shelter, because getting to a dry place meant to miss the game. They just cheered, cursed and yelled them on.
I knew what offside is, befor I could really read.
Ah, the beauty of childhood memories.
Back then all I wanted was to play, but it was still a man´s world back then.
I few years later though, my grandfather complained, that his team members reached the age gape between child and youth and he was about to loose his two best players... the girls in the team.
I still relish that thought.

Tonight is different though, no small town teams, no youth teams, tonight Germany is red. As in Bavarian Red.

FC Bavaria Munich vs. Inter Milan. Champions League.
All of Germany is glued in front of their TVs tonight, wanting to see if Munich can do the hattrick.
German Masters. Check
The German Football association´s Prize. Check
And now Champions League Final.

There are times, when living in Bavaria is fun. Not exactly safe, but fun as hell.
I don´t think I´ll leave the house tonight.
But I think I´ll go downstairs right now, join the people in the pub I live above and have a good glas of wheat beer. All the while I´ll watch the Bavarians get their asses kicked.
Honestly? I´m Thuringian and aside from the Franks (namely Nuremberg) losing a game, for I still carry a grudge, because they killed our king back in 534, there nothing as funny as seeing the team with the most money in Germany losing.

I´m such a bitch ;)
And should they indeed win... well, there are worse reasons for party, aren´t there?

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