Donnerstag, 20. Mai 2010

An introduction instead of a praise of myself

Now I did it... created a blog.

Took me only 15 or so years.

But then, I´m a social networking idiot. Never really understood what good it should be to hang around on Facebook or Myspace, when I can have all the important people in my messengers.

Some of you may know me, others don´t.
Then it came to my mind, instead of sending out 20 ICQ/Skype/Yahoo messages... I could just blog it.
I´m such a genius!

My name is Kat (which is a pseudonym, but close enough to my real name, to count ;)) nicknamed Fluff.

I´m 30 years old, German, sub, more or less bi-sexual and I write.
As in books, shortstories and alot of other things, that will never get published. I´ve been told I´m quite good, though the last published story was in 2008.
Had to take a break due to two years of job training, which I´m about to finish in a month. And, how convenient, my muse is rearing his head again and people who don´t exist, until I bring them to life and reality are stalking to talk to me again.

Thank Heavens! I´m back.

Some more or less interesting side information: I like philosophy about pain. Which is only half as sick as it sounds, I got two nasty little roommates in my body, one is called Ehlers-Danlos-Syndrom, the other Rheumathoid Arthritis. Both hurt.
But pain is an interesting little thing, there are so many forms, so many ....
alright, I´ll keep that though for later.

I write Romance, gay, straight, menage and everything in between. And I like it bloody, painfully emotional, with a hint of brutal. And of course a good amount of sweet.

My characters tend to bleed, cry, break down and now and then, just face the odds and barrel through.
At least in the first version, after it hit the beta readers and editors, quite a bit of all those beautifully terrible things I do to my people tends to be softened. Which, in my opinion is a shame, but then... I´m a freak.

But THAT, being a freak and trying to fit into normal society is an entirely different story.

Have a nice day

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