Donnerstag, 27. Mai 2010

Research - How normal can an author be

Researching the psychological basics of torture right now. Why? Well, one day I might need it.
Doesn´t that sound really sick?

Got there by "subject-hopping". Starting one place and ending up somewhere else.
Started with longterm effects of trauma, especially PTSD (not that I would really need to research THAT. Believe me, I know more about PTSD than I ever wanted to know, but I wanted the "official", psychological side again), yeah and ended up right there.

Being an acheologist you automatically learn and understand a lot about culture and socio-psychological inter-relations, about "us" and "them" and in the end effectively the dehumanization of others - at least you should-, but there are things, that even old, cynical me will perhaps never be able to grasp on more than an intelectual level.
I understand the why and how, that doesn´t stop me on the emotional level to just want to twist a few necks here and there and remind myself over and over again, that sometimes the most important word in your vocabulary is "NO!"

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