Montag, 12. Juli 2010

Daily author depression

When you write a book, as with all things, you create, you want people to like it.

Authors, due to some evil little thing called reviews, seem to be especially prone to something, I call spontaneous authors depression.

It just happened to me.

I know, Diamond Wolf is an either love it or hate it book.

I know that. I wrote it.

The way I see it, it´s pretty lyrical. A poem drawn out over 20+ pages.

A walk through a werewolfs inner nightmare. A little Goethe like... I Hate Goethe!!

Thank god, that thought came to me only after it was published.

But I still think, it´s a good book. It has it´s weaknesses. Being too short one of them. Contests with a 12k word count barrier suck.

I haven´t even had that OMG what was I thinking moment yet.

And then there are people who just write: couldn´t finish the book.

It´s only 20 pages.

How... HOW can it be so terrible, people can´t finish it?
What the heck did I do wrong, that people will do that?

Ugh! That hurt. That really hurt.

I´m going to curl up with a good cup of Latte Macchiato with caramel flavor now and cry over the injustice of the world. No in fact I´m going to do the laundry.

Console my shredded little heart with the mutilation of helpless socks.

1 Kommentar:

  1. WTH. I loved your book. Can't finish it? WTH? Diamond rocks. Bring on more Diamond. *go Diamond, go Diamond*

    Each to their own I suppose, but for whatever it's worth, I hate weres. Vamp yes, were no. And Kieran get double thumbs up from me. :)

    *passes truffles*

    There. I didn't get a review done, but Diamond Wolf gets an Amora's Place dance, and truffles too. Not all books do.

    More Diamond please. :)