Freitag, 2. Juli 2010

Good morning - The poem

 My alarm clock is laughing at me
It´s 7:30 am.
You just missed the start 
of your classes."
"Don´t matter", I say,
"Isn´t the first time",
turn around
and go on sleeping.

Back in school, I had a huge problem to be punctual.
So huge, in fact, that my math teacher once asked me, what the heck I´m was in class already, when the alarm hadn´t sounded yet.

Everybody knew it and at some point, nobody cared anymore. They just sighed and ignored me, as I crept in one or two minutes late.

In 11th grade, we had a project week and I was part of the poetry project.
Which included the composition of a poem and a reading in front of the whole school. (oh, and a little book of our collected works. My first time being published ;))
I´ve never seen my teachers laugh louder or longer, than that day, when I recited this poem to them.

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  1. lol. that's cute. I had a similar experience, only my poem was a rewritten part of ACDC For Those About to Rock.